Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hello, good people! As a 22-year-old recent college graduate with an ill-used creative writing degree and a love for cooking, I thought a blog in which I summarize/illustrate my cooking experiences could be pretty amusing. I've got an addiction to social media (as well as reading cookbooks, crossword puzzles, inhaling the entire runs of TV programs in short spans of time, quality beer, and making puns), so I've been microblogging my culinary forays from the get-go.

I really only started cooking about a year and a half ago. My parents gave me a Better Homes & Gardens cookbook for Christmas, along with the heavy hint that I should learn something from it. Up until that point, my skill-set consisted of Heating Pockets and Easily Making Mac. I started with breakfast. I'm a big of fan of dishes involving eggs and cheese at any time of the day. Then I expanded into recipes I stumbled-upon online that looked doable. And after a few hot messes, I started creating things of which I was really proud which were also delicious. Y'all, cooking is way more of a blast than I ever thought it could be. Now I salivate walking down the cookware aisles of supermarkets. I rejoice in buying new spices. I read cookbooks in my free time. It's unreal.

I'm absolutely no expert. I'm still very messy. My boyfriend has to make sure I cook meat all the way through.  But I'm having a ton of fun, and I thought I could add to that by throwing in writing and chronicling and little asides and anecdotes. I'm involving my sisters too, who are both wonderfully witty and hilarious and much more talented than yrstruly in the kitchen. All in all, I hope to expand my personal record-keeping and share some of the dorky fun I've been having along the way.


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