Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How To: Matchstick Vegetables

This method may be old-hat for some, but for the type of people googling "How To: Matchstick Vegetables" (or some reasonable facsimile, it should hold some appeal.

Sometimes during all the joie-de-vivre, devil-may-care, "I'll tell you what a pinch is" type of cooking many are prone to, technique falls by the wayside. Here's a small step toward recovery.

STEP ONE: Peel vegetables and cut into two- to three-inch segments. Slice off edges until segment is reasonably square.

STEP TWO: Slice each segment into a square about one-quarter inch thick for large matchsticks; one-eighth inch for thin matchsticks.

STEP THREE: Slice into matchsticks! For an increased level of difficulty (but faster pace), you can stack the squares as you slice.

Where do you go from here? I pickled mine (along with carrot), and ate it as a side to my dinner! (Also delicious on bánh mì.)

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